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Meet Nicole Starr and her new tits


Hey there boys and gurls! Been missin’ me? Well, I’m back – and I’m bringing my new big babies with me! Jeez, I’m so happy I finally made it – here comes new gorgeous Nicole and her new tits! Much larger than before, much more tempting, with much more suckable nips… I hope you like the new me. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about my new titties in the comment box here. More pics of them are available here.

Nicole-Starr-New-Tits-01 Nicole-Starr-New-Tits-02

Nicole-Starr-New-Tits-03 Nicole-Starr-New-Tits-04

Nicole makes a great debut in TS porn world


I know I’m still very young if compared to other transgender porn stars but… That’s actually a good thing, don’t you find? 😉 Boy, I’m getting so many calls from porn studios these days – everyone seems to want Nicole Starr. If that ain’t success, then I don’t know what success is. 🙂 Hope you are proud of me, baby. BTW, here’s my new shoot for one TS porn site – check it out and click here if you want to go for the full version of it.

Nicole-Starr-1 Nicole-Starr-2


Tranny Nicole Starr loves sexy undies


Pink is my favorite color, so I really loved this place where I did my latest shoot. The walls, the furniture, the curtains – everything was so pink there. A perfect setting for a sexy shoot with tranny Nicole Starr! 🙂 No need to say, the sexy lingerie that I wore there was something I loved too. Pink and black, silk and mesh, my little tits hiding under a bra and my dick bulging under tiny thongs… You’ll love it! The FULL  version is available here.

Tranny-Nicole-Starr-1 Tranny-Nicole-Starr-2

Tranny-Nicole-Starr-3 Tranny-Nicole-Starr-4

Transsexual Nicole is a pro model


I have never been dreaming about modeling – the real fashion modeling, like, walking along runways, shooting for mags and stuff like that. However, when I was leafing thru the pics from this shoot, I was, like, wow… Is this me, for real? 🙂 I guess that transsexual Nicole finally learned to pose right – correct me if I’m wrong. I hope there will be no corrections though. 🙂 Don’t hesitate to compare this scene with my earlier works here.

transsexual-Nicole-Starr-1 transsexual-Nicole-Starr-2

transsexual-Nicole-Starr-3 transsexual-Nicole-Starr-4

TS Nicole loves serious outfits


I guess if I didn’t go for erotic modeling, I’d work in the office – all due to the fact that I’m just crazy about strict yet sexy clothes. Look at this one-piece suit for instance… Yeah, it’s far not the most revealing outfit that you have seen TS Nicole  in but it is sexy. I love the way it stretches all over my curves. But the heck with it – I’m here to show you some skin, ain’t I? 😉 Enjoy! And don’t forget to check my new pics out here!

TS-Nicole-Starr-1 TS-Nicole-Starr-2

TS-Nicole-Starr-3 TS-Nicole-Starr-4

Shemale Nicole Starr welcomes you


Hey there! My name is Nicole Starr and I’m the sexiest black shemale model that you have ever seen, word! I’ve finally gotten brave enough to start my own blog – and I guess that the erotic shoot that I want to present to you tonight fits the purpose quite well. It’s my favorite one so far – one giving you the chance to see shemale Nicole really poshed up and looking like true pimpette. 😉 Go here if you want to see the full version of it.

shemale-Nicole-Starr-1 shemale-Nicole-Starr-2

shemale-Nicole-Starr-3 shemale-Nicole-Starr-4